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My Blog’s name is a tribute to my Dad & my Husband. My Dad because he used to sing the song to me, "How 'd You Like to Swing on a Star?" It's about reaching for your dreams, you can stay where you are & be safe OR YOU CAN SWING ON STAR. Stars also refer to a difficult night just after my husband died. I was talking to him (I often do.) & said how I missed his "I Love You's". That night he gave me a dream... a gorgeous, bright blue night sky filled with thousands of stars, in the middle the stars formed an "I LOVE YOU"....such a gift on so many levels.

So "follow your own path, & don't worry about the darkness, for that is when the stars shine brightest”

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thanksgiving Decor

Is it my imagination?.....Does it feels like Thanksgiving is coming up on us sooner than usual, I can't believe it's just about a week away!
Last week I did manage to do some decorating.

I love that I can take the feather garland I use for my fall mantle and change it up for Halloween and then Thanksgiving by just adding different items.

I also love that I can keep using my same pumpkins in different ways.  The center pumpkin is the Halloween silver and black masked pumpkin I posted earlier.
I spray painted them gold and added glitter to the top to look like frost.
Spray painted pinecones gold.

Next came the dining room table.....
I'm afraid I do some rendition of this fruit/vegetable table top a lot. I keep adding more so it looks kind of decadent.
 I carried the gold theme through with gold pumpkins I found at our new Hobby Lobby.

I've told you I find uses for my cloche every season. For Thanksgiving I turned it upside down, filled it with pinecones and white mini pumpkins, covered it with a cake compote and turned it right side up!

 Added a satin ribbon and there you have it!

I am grateful for many, many things, but at this moment, I am grateful that I have begun this wonderful blogging journey and all the wonderful people I am meeting from here and all over the world. 
I think that is just so incredible. 

"There is no such thing as gratitude unexpressed.  If it is unexpressed, it is plain, old-fashioned ingratitude."  ~Robert Brault

Thank-YOU so much for visiting.

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!

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  1. The gold pumpkins are the perfect touch. Thanks for sharing!
    Blessings, Becky

  2. Your mantle is stunning!!! Can you come over to my house and do the same???