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So "follow your own path, & don't worry about the darkness, for that is when the stars shine brightest”

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cloche love inside and out....more inspirations!

I have this thing about cloches....I just love finding new ways to use them.
 I suppose because I am a person who loves change they are perfect for me. 
They can be used as holiday decorating, seasonal decoration, to show off a collection, a dinner table centerpiece and a great tool for table top decor or just an opportunity to show some creativity.

They can be serious, beautiful, fun, make a statement and so much more.  
These beautiful cloches were found on Pinterest and have their own pedistol. 
Another thing to consider is your own pedistol creations.  Usually you should consider your cloche display and what you place inside from a 360 degree point of view.

I love finding my own pedistals. Sometimes a lovely dish, a candle holder, a cake pedistol, or even a pile of books. Sometimes inspirations strikes and you find something really unique.

 Here I used a iron birdbath for my Christmas cloche in the center of my kitchen island.
You can be so creative with them.

These are examples of cloches on cake stands and one on a compote.

This one from Pinterest appears to be on a  lovely trivet. 
A great idea!

The fun thing about a cloche is that you can also use the exterior area of the cloche to enhance your theme.  Here are a couple variations of using the exterior adornment to add to a cloche.
Variations of a Halloween cloche:

I suppose these aren't technically cloche's, but they work on the same concept.
I will tell you that before I purchased my first cloche I had this glass container and turned it and another I had upside down to make my own cloche.

This is a wire cloche I bought for my good friend, Jeanne. You might remember it was featured in another post.
This is the before:

This is the after:

Sometimes I find pedestals to display something that doesn't have enough substance by itself so I find something to display it on. This is brass candlestick holder. Notice I also added a berry vine to the outside top. Sometimes I use ribbon.

You can add a lot of loose items like my favorite fall/winter decorating item....pinecones, by turning your cloche upside down, fill it with items, place your plate or cake stand on top and flip. Abra Cadabra....

Here are some more CLOCHE INSPIRATIONS from My Pinterest

How about on a large tray with other items?

Notice these shells are displayed on candle stick holders.....these may have been painted black.

Aren't these beautiful?  I'm wondering if we couldn't turn a pretty champagne glass upside down and add a glass plate on the base to support the cloche.  Not sure, just doing a little brainstorming here.

Spring/Easter Cloches:

I'm working on my Spring/Easter Decor now and I will share with you some of my ideas soon which will include my cloche decor.
Hope you are having as much fun decorating for Spring/Easter as I am. I have a secret love of rabbits too. What are yours? Do you have any cloche decor ideas to share?


Sorry I haven't posted lately...there's a lot going on right now and will be for a while.

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  1. I have become a cloche addict too! I love the versatility of them, they are so great for seasonal decorating. Really enjoyed sharing your collection of ideas.

  2. oh I love them too but so far I've just looked at them. Somtime I hope to have a small collection of them :)

  3. Fabulous displays of all kinds of goodies for cloches; I loved them all--but the aqua/turquoise eggs and ribbon is my favorite!

  4. If you hadn't posted for awhile, believe me this one made up for it. I love cloches. Our imaginations are our only limitations using and decorating with cloches of any kind.
    I wanted one for the longest time but every one I found was way over SS budget. Then I paid more attention to sales at Hobby Lobby and was able to get a $35 cloche for $17.50, felt like I'd really hit the jackpot. I want to get at least 3 other sizes,types so will watch HL sales and work on getting what I want slowly. Thank you HL and your 50% off sales. I also got some great metal bird cages at HL and at Michaels. Yay. Now I can decorate myself silly, what fun, love it. Happy May day

    1. I have found several of mine at TJMaxx and TJMaxx Home Goods. Thanks for posting!