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My Blog’s name is a tribute to my Dad & my Husband. My Dad because he used to sing the song to me, "How 'd You Like to Swing on a Star?" It's about reaching for your dreams, you can stay where you are & be safe OR YOU CAN SWING ON STAR. Stars also refer to a difficult night just after my husband died. I was talking to him (I often do.) & said how I missed his "I Love You's". That night he gave me a dream... a gorgeous, bright blue night sky filled with thousands of stars, in the middle the stars formed an "I LOVE YOU"....such a gift on so many levels.

So "follow your own path, & don't worry about the darkness, for that is when the stars shine brightest”

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Beloved Pets

I'VE WRITTEN BEFORE about doing these Wedding or Event Bulbs. 
They are quite large and I receive requests to make them as gifts. I have shared with you in the past how I have stressed over these because the represent such a huge emotional and special event in a person's life.
They have always been for a wedding or shower gift. 
I recently received a request for one of a very different nature. 

BUT FIRST here is an example of one of the first ones I did.....

Anyway...I was asked to do one as a gift for someone whose sister had just lost her beloved cat Breezie. Don't you love that name? 

I was particularily moved by this request because I had just lost MY beloved black lab...Chance. 
(Often referred to as "Chance the Wonder Dog".)  
So it was particularly important to make this so very special for the person who had suffered the loss of HER beloved pet.
How we all love our cat or dog or horse or gold fish...... as the animal may be and it was important to honor her love.

I asked the person about the sister's likes (colors, collections etc) to try and find some inspiration for the motif to sit the cat in. I was told ANGELS, she loved angels. There it was.... AND it was one of those times when I immediately have the composition flash into my head. It truly appears in a flash. It is so odd how this happens to me.  
ANY WAYYYY... I saw Breezie nestled in the wings of a child angle among clouds......

So here is pretty much what I saw.....

She was a beautiful cat....

I felt good about this one and the person that was giving the gift was very pleased...I was so relieved!

Here are a couple pics of my beloved Chance I will share with you. 
As you may already know (see my profile regarding the name of my blog) I lost my husband and dad several years ago and Chance had become even more devoted to me and I to him since then. 

If I cried or was sad, he was at my feet. He never left my side.
 He waited at the top of the entry stairs like he always did for my husband the night he (my husband) passed....he seemed to know and.....he slept by me every night since. 

I had to put Chance down this past November. As I was blessed to have my Fred in my life, I was again blessed to have such a precious, loving, devoted dog in my life at a time when I truly needed him.

 Most importantly as I share this with you all....while we all experience these losses in our lives.....we take and are given many, many lessons and blessing through them and we should be grateful to have had these people and animals placed in our lives and for that I AM truly grateful to have been be so blessed. 

Enough of that though.....Isn't he just the most handsome darn dog? 
That's my daughter Dani...she's pretty too!
He was always dressed in my favorite clothing  
And put up with our silliness..the bow, what a ham!!

Just after we got him at 6 months. Cocked head....could he pose or what?
Look at those big feet...he did get big too!

Everyone loved his big, beautiful head. He was an English Lab....very calm Labs.

He was always included at neighborhood he is posing yet again!!!

I think perhaps as many writers experience, this was very cathartic.
Thanks so much for listening and maybe relating as well.
PLEASE don't hesitate to share your pet love in a comment, I'd love that so much.


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  1. I can see why the recipient of your bulb was so pleased, it is just beautiful! What a thoughtful gift for someone who has lost a beloved pet. My sister owned a black English lab as well. They are the most loving and faithful dogs, just like Chance.

    1. Thanks so much Julie....I so enjoy hearing from you....grateful we are becoming "Blog Neighbors"!

  2. Shari,
    I absolutely love your gift bulbs. So thoughtful and unique. As I sit and wait for a few more days to get the results from a biopsy for my little Boston Terrier, Madison, I thoroughly understand the bond between us and our pets. What joy they bring. I'm new to your blog and look forward to following it.

  3. Oh my ...Shari I am a first time visitor to your blog. I am in tears...Your beloved Chance looks so very much like my beloved Kato who I lost suddenly this past December, he was only 8. He had the same big beautiful head. Kato was my boy..always at my side he followed me every place... He was always there for me when times were bad. He was the source of great joy to my family. I am so sorry for your loss..I do know how it feels. *hug* Your bulbs are can tell lots of love went into them. Thank you for sharing...have a Blessed Easter...Mary

    1. Mary, I lost Chance in November, he was 9+ similar for the two of us. I am so sorry for your loss too, Mary. I hope you continue to visit. A very Blessed Easter to you too.

  4. That is such a great idea! We have a neighbor that had his dog's paw print put in some clay with his name. He gave them to people who cared for his dog when the dog passed. We ended up drilling a hole in it and making it into an ornament. Your idea is such a sweet way to remember a pet!

    Thanks for sharing!
    @ Creatively Living